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BYD Lithium Batteries

BYD LVS (Lithium-ion Vehicle System) battery is a high-performance battery system developed by BYD, a Chinese multinational automobile manufacturer and energy company. It is designed for use in energy storage systems (ESS).

The BYD LVS battery features high energy density, which allows for reduced charging time. It is also equipped with a sophisticated battery management system that enhances safety, reliability, and durability. Additionally, the battery system is highly modular, making it flexible for use in different applications and scalable for larger energy storage systems.

BYD has a vertically integrated production process for their LVS batteries, which allows for more control over the quality of materials and production processes, as well as improved cost competitiveness. Furthermore, BYD has extensive experience in battery production, making it one of the leading companies in the global energy storage systems.

Overall, the BYD LVS battery is a high-performance and reliable solution for use in EVs and energy storage systems. Its advanced technology, extensive production experience, and vertically integrated production process make it a competitive option in the market.

BYD Batteries

Battery Safety 

• Environmentally friendly: No heavy metals or toxic chemicals.
• Long life: After 10,000 cycles, the battery retains 70% of its
original capacity, which enables us to provide a 12-year
warranty—the longest in the industry.
• Safe: Tested in the most extreme conditions
• Excellent performance in extreme temperatures:
Reliable operation from – 40° F to 140° F.